Wellness & Stability

My name is Antonella Catelli and I have chosen to invest my energies and dedicate my life to attention.

I take care and I teach to balance the body to find yourself, your individual qualities, your freedom and naturalness.



My teaching, through personal sessions and Workshop, is aimed to reaching and increasing self-awareness through the body work



Since I was a child I felt the effort in human behavior to show a facade that did not correspond to what they lived. I felt they were looking for truth with insatiable hunger

Growing up, fascinated by nature and places of power and energy, I took the opportunity to travel and work with hundreds of people. I have known different cultures, education and social conditions



Antonella Catelli

- Personal Trainer

- Practitioner of The Grinberg Method and Wellbeing

Adress: Via al Pian Scairolo 2, 6915 Pambio - Noranco
Phone: +41 76 585 15 30


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