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I have been working for 35 years within wellness, body care, healing and search for self naturalness. 
I support people in their fights against fears and pain, with the aim of helping them in wellness recovery and body care.   



Reaching and increasing self awareness in the world.


Getting free from fear and mental schemes which deny the reaching of wellness..


Comprehending the cycle of energy and how to use it.


Reaching physical and mental wellness through body work. 

Individual Sessions

Personal process 

Personal process intends to teach people their own strengths and their own abilities with the aim of reaching individual goals, improving health and wellness.

Processes are different for every person. Usually, we start with 4-8 sessions to reach a specific goal. This path includes manual touch in somatic zones and verbal instructions which facilitate body care.

My clients often experience a deep and clear physical and emotional change after few sessions.



What are the advantages of conducting an online session?

  • It does not involve travel and eliminates the costs involved in traveling

  • You are totally free to decide the time and place for the session

  • You can do night sessions, before bed (this allows you to be more relaxed and focused)

  • If you are an artist or perform an activity that requires your presence in front of an audience: you can book the meeting just before the performance, lecturer (overcome stage fright)

  • You save economic resources and above all you save precious time

  • You learn forms of self-help such as: massages and touches that are useful and always practicable

  • You are comfortable and this allows you to be more involved in the change process

  • Increase the sense of responsibility and independence

  • Increase self-confidence

To who is indicated individual sessions

  • Recovering from a trauma

  • Before or after a surgery

  • Stopping or reducing suffering from a chronic pain or physical symptom

  • Dealing better with a loss or separation

  • Gaining confidence at work, in relationships, and in general

  • Increasing concentration and clarity of thought

  • Improving creativity

  • Investing in dreams and aims, and following them through

  • Transforming past trauma and abuses in personal growth opportunities

Price and method of payment

Switzerland: Fr.100 (bank charges charged to the customer)

Iban: CH33 0840 1000 0514 2970 5

Bank Migros SA Chiasso

N. clearing 8401

Swift-code MIGRCHZZ80A

Antonella Catelli, 6850 Mendrisio

(If done by Swiss post: bank account 80-533-6)

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Italy: €95 (bank charges charged to the customer)

Iban: IT28R0569605680EDCEU0490700

People's Bank of Sondrio

Antonella Catelli, S. Fedele Intelvi

Abi 05696 - Cab 51750 

c.c. 074/490700

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Recovering from a physical condition

Client learns how to pay attention to his pain and to release the reaction which he creates as defence for pain itself.


This direct approach accelerates body healing process and releases the energy blocked inside him.

Being careful to our own body and having access to our resources, strength and energy, contributes to the change of the physical condition in a quick and efficient way

Recovering from trauma and abuses

People who suffered from trauma and abuses often live a life driven by past emotions and conclusions from the trauma itself. The experience remains real inside the body, and every time it returns a similar situation they react automatically, unable to act free.

People come to me because they have symptoms, tensions, physical, emotional and behavioural weaknesses; not always they are aware of the deep reasons connected with the trauma.


This transformation process is based on mutual trust on getting committed, giving trust to their own bodies in order to relive past experiences which are still blocked, to end the experienced trauma.

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