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Who is Antonella?

In the 80's I have lived for long periods in South America, Asia, North Africa with healers and indigenous populations to learn different types of living and healing.


I flanked healers and shamans during their practices and ceremonies. I have collaborated with a group of doctors in the Amazon, participating to a project of prevention focused on health and hygiene problems of the natives.


This incredible life experience in the Amazon guided me, awaking the ability to expand my attention, my perception and my attitude to heal.

When I came back in Europe I dedicated myself entirely to the study of natural medicine, going deeply on different methods: foot reflexology, chromotherapy, Bach flowers, knowledge and usage of medical herbs, Reiki and meditation.

At the same time, I deepened my personal trainer knowledge in physiotherapy and I worked in the hospital field, then dedicating myself completely on foot reflexology and on body work.


The continuous research brought me to methodologies which include all the infinite possibilities of the human being. Between them, I practiced for many years the Grinberg Method, reaching the trainer and teacher level.

Practicing such method, I found a form of body care which teaches how to overcome fears, transform pain, recognise what kind of "behavioural patterns" prevent being natural and authentic.


The awareness of these habits in our body and the transformation of them, help physical changes in a quick and efficient way


In this moment I keep practicing the personal trainer activity,

I teach to groups and I also prepare individual sessions as an independent professional.

In 2014 I had organised group travels in South America in places of power and energy, meetings with shamans, meditation sessions and seminars on body care.


The fusion of these different disciplines, body care and shamanic knowledge, gave me the chance to power up my perception between physical and spiritual world.

I still organise travels in places of power in order to teach how to restore the contact with our inner self, with natural and cosmic forces.


Learning and teaching body care, improving self wellness, searching for self freedom, finding individual quality and our nature is a challenge that still fascinates me.

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